Friday, August 18, 2006


Looking for exciting new liturgies, music and images to enrich your worship services? Looking for resources that use inclusive language? Looking for resources that proclaim Jesus as our teacher of justice, peace and mercy?
Worshiping into God’s Future, an initiative of our partners in mission, the United Church of Christ USA, offers an exciting selection of FREE worship resources to download from the internet. These resources arise from wide spectrum of groups that call UCC their own---from the Hawaiin church, from the Hispanic communities in the USA, from the American Black faith communities, as well as from partners around the world. The United Church of Christ, where "God is still speaking," is a denomination committed to a diverse Christian witness. The UCC embraces the concept of God's "radical hospitality," so often finds itself unpopular with Christian groups whose focus is on separating the goats and the sheep. If you are committed to Jesus's plea to welcome all into the kingdom of God, you now have a place to go for worship resources.
Colourful images by modern Christian artists are ready for projection. Song lyrics are ready for overheads and PowerPoint, and full musical scores are ready for your musicians. There's even a CD of the tunes available. Thoughtful liturgies from numerous places, including the church in Hawaii, touch on the breadth of the worship experience, e.g. baptism, communion, etc.
In addition, articles reflect on the use of the arts in worship, and provide questions and suggestions for reflection and discussion which can help you and your congregation evaluate your specific worship needs.
Take a look and be inspired!

Ana & Tod Gobledale
Chaplains, Churches of Christ Theological College
Mulgrave, Australia