Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Who Is My Neighbour?

Friday 8 December, 6pm - Saint John’s Anglican Church, Point Nepean Road, Sorrento

Saturday 9 December next is the fifth anniversary of the arrest and imprisonment of DAVID HICKS. Whatever one thinks of Hicks himself, it is not right that he should be imprisoned for so long without a fair and proper trial. MOHAMMED SAGAR is the last of the 1500 boat arrivals from 2001 sent to Nauru to be outside the Australian legal system. He is an Iraqi refugee condemned to mandatory indefinite detention and declared by ASIO to be "a risk to Australia's national security" without explanation or recourse.

A group of Melbourne parishes concerned for the denial of basic human rights such as these are simultaneously holding a HUMAN RIGHTS VIGIL pray, meditate and reflect on the plight of people such as Hicks and Sagar. The vigil concludes with a brief service during which the prayers of participants are offered.

The Mornington Peninsula Human Rights Group, which initiated this vigil would welcome similar vigils under the auspices of other Churches