Thursday, March 08, 2007


Everyday celebrities like the rest of us also need to make our voices heard so that our leaders pay attention and work to make things better for those living in poverty. To help you plan ahead, mark the following key dates in your calendar or diary, stay tuned for more details, and make sure that you're ready on these dates to do your bit to MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY.

  • July 1 - 7: Zero Point Seven Road Trip
    Led by coalition members the Oaktree Foundation and Reach, this national roadtrip will draw in youth from around the country and engage them on issues of global poverty.
  • July 7: 07/07/07 National Day Of Action
    The half-time mark to halve poverty by 2015. Time to raise a deafening roar.
  • September 1 - 6: APEC Action
    World leaders from countries of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum meet in Sydney. You'd better believe we're going to be there.
  • October 17: Stand Up & Speak Out
    Last year, almost 93,000 Australians (and 23 million people worldwide) stood up against poverty and set a new Guinness World Record. This year we'll break that record and speak out against poverty to show our leaders that Australians want them to take action.
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