Monday, June 04, 2007


In less than a week, G8 leaders will have the power to save millions of lives by fighting global disease and extreme poverty. All they have to do is fulfil the promises they already made to the world's poorest people.

Next week's G8 summit in Germany is do or die time, not just for the G8's promises, but for the millions of people who depend on them. It's not too late to do something.

Please sign the petition calling on the G8 to get back on track to keep their historic promises to the developing world. The commitments which have been kept are already saving millions of lives, but if every G8 country were to live up to its promises, we could save many more.

We are closing in on one million signatures from around the world on this crucial petition, please act now to push us over the edge before the G8 summit.

The G8 promised to make poverty history. Let's hold them to it, it's our promise too.

Please take action by signing the petition calling on the G8 to renew their commitments to the world's poorest people.

Thank you for your voice,

Josh Peck,