Monday, October 29, 2007


Following are some value links to help in making heads or tails of the upcoming Federal Election from a Christian perspective:

1.GROWING A NATION OF HOPE:Federal Election 2007 - Your faith,your vote,your voice.

Probably the best resource on linking faith and voting. Produced by the UCA it covers issues such as a faith imperative for political engagement, indigenous Australians,work justice,peace and climate change. There is no more comprehensive site than the UCA one.

2. A VOTE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE: Australian Catholic Social Justice Council leaflet.

A handy 2 page leaflet setting out a number of priorities, as well as justice issues for indigenous people,workers,the poor,asylum seekers and the environment. Its value lies in the set of suggested questions which could be directed to candidates at community meetings.

3. A Litany for use during an election campaign: The Liturgy Commission of the Anglican Church of Australia.

It can be found at the end of the Social Issues page on the Federal Election

4. Christian Principles in a Election Year. Victorian Council of Churches.

This 2 page leaflet "lists 10 principles to guide decision making at election time", together with a group study guide.(NB. Open page and hit "the brochure")


A comprehensive collection of key election statements including issues related to poverty reduction,housing affordability,health and aged care.

Thanks to Alan Matheson for these excellent links.