Friday, December 08, 2006


This was sent in by a reader from yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald:

Church's attack on greenhouse gas not just hot air
Linda Morris Religious Affairs Writer

December 7, 2006

THE Uniting Church is poised to become that nation's first to buy into a carbon credit scheme to compensate for the greenhouse emissions generated by its leaders' air travel.

Its national council will audit emissions generated by travel and providing power to it property as part of increasing church interest in global warming.

And it is investigating the feasibility of buying carbon offsets for the greenhouse gases produced while staff fly because aircraft emit large amounts of carbon dioxide. [TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE CLICK HERE]

Editorial Comment:
Is this something that the Churches of Christ as a movement should be investigating? Could we as a movement - both nationally, state, agencies and individual churches - investigate and hopefully invest in reducing our ecological footprint? Should we as Christians be concerned about these sorts of things? [my bias is that we should] What are your thoughts on the issue?

In lieu of contributing to the document "Common Belief: Australia's Faith Communities on Climate Change - December 2006" should/could the Churches of Christ movement seek to be good stewards of creation in other ways? What are peoples are people thinking on this issue?

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