Thursday, April 26, 2007


Two new resource and action based websites which are working towards ending human trafficking and slavery.


There are people who want to take the most precious thing you have and sell it to those who will abuse it and wreck it ...

People trafficking is one of the worlds fastest growing illegal industries. It is happening right here, right now, on your doorstep. It is devastating the lives of millions of men, women and children each year.

With YOUR help STOP THE TRAFFIK will create awareness and understanding of this
worldwide problem and call for change. Together WE will:

Prevent the sale of people
Prosecute the traffickers
Protect the victims

Site 2: Anti-Slavery Project

Promoting a Human Rights Response to Slavery and Trafficking in Australia

The Community Law Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney, has been providing direct assistance to trafficked and enslaved persons since 2004 and now sponsors the Anti-Slavery Project (ASP). ASP is dedicated to eliminating slavery in all of its forms through a range of direct service and advocacy programs. Collaboration is a core value at ASP and we are committed to engaging a broad audience of client, community and government stakeholders in activities aimed at ending violence, exploitation and injustice.

Our Goals

  • Promote a human rights response that prioritises the needs and concerns of survivors
  • Improve and expand legal protections and benefits for survivors
  • Ensure delivery of comprehensive and culturally appropriate human services to survivors
  • Increase collaboration between community and government agencies to effectively address slavery and human trafficking crimes
  • Mobilize public awareness and support for survivors
  • Strengthen the institutional and community response to slavery and human trafficking
  • Empower survivors to act as agents of social change

Our Activities

  • Advocacy for a social justice and human rights policy approach to address slavery and human trafficking
  • Sydney Community Response Network to assist survivors and build capacity
  • Comprehensive legal services including criminal, immigration, civil, labour and family law
  • Skills-based practical training on slavery and human trafficking issues
  • Outreach, education and media advocacy
  • Research on the patterns and practices of slavery and human trafficking in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region

Both sites have plenty of excellent resources and information. There is a link in the title of each site above , or find one over on the side bar.