Monday, June 04, 2007


Environment Sunday is being celebrated on Sunday June 10th 2007, as the closest Sunday to World Environment Day. Below are some communities who are offering resources to help integrate this event in your worship time, and also offer suggestions as to how your community can be more environmentally conscious.

A United Kingdom based community who aims to encourage churches to consider environmental issues within a Christian context and enable local churches to make positive contributions in their life and mission. The web site contains plenty of free resources for practical and worship use. Some things may need to be 'Australian-ised' but a quality website.

A Rocha - Christians in Conservation
A Rocha is a Christian nature conservation organisation, our name coming from the Portuguese for “the Rock,” as the first initiative was a field study centre in Portugal. A Rocha is now a family of projects working in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, and Asia. A Rocha projects are frequently cross-cultural in character, and share a community emphasis, with a focus on science and research, practical conservation and environmental education. The link above is to the British based website, which contains Resources for Environment Sunday. They say
"Environment Sunday is the closest Sunday to World Environment Day, and each year A Rocha produces materials to help churches celebrate creation, and encourage action. This year the theme is Noah’s Ark - with flexible worship material for liturgical, informal and all-age worship, as well as sermons, bible studies, children’s activities and practical suggestions. The pack is also linked to ‘Operation Noah’, the Churches’ Climate Change Initiative."

Eco-faith Ministry
Ecofaith is an environmentally aware worshipping community which has its origins in the Scot's Church (UCA) in Adelaide, South Australia. In community with the Rev
Dr. Jason John Eco-faith is a worshiping community, on a journey of discovery about who we are and who God is. We celebrate life and our growing understanding of its evolutionary past and ecological present. We are more concerned with where people are heading than where they are at. All people of good will, whether they have two, four or zero legs are welcome to join us! Goodwill includes a relaxed, open minded and friendly approach, just like the rest of us! Rev. Dr Jason John presented the recent G.R. Stirling Lecture at the South Australian Churches of Christ Annual Conference. The Website contains information and resources on incorporating a theology of ecology into worship services and into the worshiping existence of life.