Tuesday, July 17, 2007


On 4 July 2007, Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd MP, announced a plan to save more lives by promising to increase Australia’s overseas aid to 0.5% of Gross National Income by 2015 (which would increase the aid budget to around $8.8 billion dollars).

If delivered, the extra aid could allow Australia to fund programs to achieve all of the following: reduce child deaths by 140,000 each year, cut maternal deaths by 4,200, lead to at least 29,000 fewer deaths from AIDS and 31,000 fewer deaths from TB each year. It could also provide access to safe drinking water to almost 37 million people.

This announcement sets a new benchmark for commitment to a generous and effective aid program. It also highlights the importance of constant pressure on our politicians – so thank YOU for your energy and support!

"In the last four years the MPH campaign has ensured that global poverty is on the political agenda more than ever before." - Bob McMullan speaking at the MPH Forum 7/7/07

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