Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Next SJN event – A Focus on Palestine with Sylvia Haddad

The next SJN event will be in conjunction with the CWS Partners4Peace program and the Churches of Christ Theological College. There are actually 2 events on Friday the 20th of July. Sylvia Haddad is the Executive Secretary of the Joint Christian Committee in Lebanon. She is a gifted speaker and will share stories and insights from the Middle East.

“What the JCC is trying in its humble way to do is to help people in any way it can and especially in empowering people with education and skills that will qualify them for employment and jobs.”

The first event planned is a youth forum with Sylvia Haddad. We are aiming for 18-35s who may have an interest in social justice and/or the Middle East. It will be 5-6pm at CCTC and entry is free.

The second event is a dinner hosted by CCTC. Cost is $25 for dinner and talk or $5 for talk only. SJN would like to host one or two tables, so come along and enjoy Middle-eastern food and music and hear Sylvia’s story. RSVP to Kristen Hobby (03) 9558 7462 or email hobby@bigpond.net.au.