Wednesday, November 01, 2006


We have received a petition from the Australian Christian Lobby seeking support for a petition against the motions being brought to the federal Parliament by Senator Patterson to allow the implementation of the recommendations handed down by the Senate committee established to investigate and report on issues related to embryonic cloning. These motions will be voted on in the next week, so if you wish to participate in the petition, you will need to act speedily.

As we do not have a specific position as Churches of Christ in Vic/Tas on this issue, it has been decided to make the petition available through the Social Justice Network website for ministers and congregations to access if they wish to sponsor the petition or if you wish to investigate it further (the petition has links to the Report). It is also suggested that you read the document on cloning written by Dr. Trevor Banks from our Belmont church on the issue.

Cloning is a complex issue and Christians have taken quite different positions on the issue. So it is suggested that the issue be thought through carefully with a view to both profound respect for human life and to the potential for healing, both of which are central to the teachings of Jesus and the traditional stance of the Christian church.